Fortum: A Leader in the Swedish Energy Industry

Fortum and Diversity

Promoting women's participation and leadership in the development of the energy sector has been a priority in Sweden for several years. Nearly one-third of national energy policies and frameworks include gender considerations. Despite these efforts, the Swedish energy industry still has many challenges in promoting diversity. According to Allbright, there are currently zero women in senior management across Sweden’s largest power supply companies and only 10% women in senior management among the utility companies listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.Fortum wants to change this. They are transforming their company to be more inclusive towards women and improve diversity at all levels of their organization. In this cause, they have partnered with Equality Week KTH in hopes of reaching out to students that can support their efforts. Internally, they have even started their own Equality Week to make their employees conscious of diversity issues.

Fortum is included in the Equileap (Gender Equality in the Workplace) 2018 Gender Equality Global Ranking, which puts them amongst the global leaders in promoting gender equality in the workplace. In addition, they are partnering with Female Leader Engineer, an initiative that promotes female engineering students with the potential of becoming industry leaders in their future careers.

Fortum and Sustainability

An integral part of Fortum’s strategy is sustainability. Business and responsibility are interconnected in answering current global challenges and underlining the role of sustainable solutions as a competitive advantage. In Fortum’s operations, they aim to balance economic, social and environmental responsibility.